Strange Times

Strange Times Most of the songs that I have written so far have been written with a melody as the basis. In this case, I started with a chord progression. I used a non-standard chord progression with an explicitly deviation from the standard scale chords at the end of each phrase, giving it a remarkable sound. When mixing this song, I wanted to experiment with more dynamics while still using only a minimum number of instruments: only the piano and the cello. I feel that I succeeded. It is a bit of different song than my previously written songs, but I hope you like it as much as I do. I named it “Strange Times” to reflect both the strange times we now live in as well as the varieties of tempos used in this song.

Here is the demo version of the song Strange Times:

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3 Responses to “Strange Times”

  1. Frances Black says:

    Hi Mark,

    Well done another great tune,they are getting better and better.Absolutely beautiful 🙂


  2. linda rutz says:

    Hi Mark,
    I agree with Frances, getting better and better and this is beautiful!


  3. msetten says:

    Thank you both. I am doing my best to get better. Any tips are welcome.