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An Evening In The Snow

08:16 PM

An Evening In The SnowIt has been a while since I last released a completely new song. I did try to write, but I couldn’t find enough inspiration. As I didn’t want to force it, I even stopped trying for a while. But then I suddenly found myself playing a new melody on the piano again, which resulted in this song called “An Evening In The Snow”. Since then, I’ve managed to write a couple of more songs for a new demo CD that I hope to finish somewhere this year.

Though we haven’t had any snow where I live this year, I am aware that many other countries are having problems with too much snow. Snow may cause a lot of problems in daily life, but there is also a beautiful side to snow. Especially in the evening, it can transform the world into a magical place. The combination of snow with light and shadows from the moon or street lamps can be incredible. While working out this song, I thought of walking in the snow in the evening.

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