An Evening In The Snow

An Evening In The SnowIt has been a while since I last released a completely new song. I did try to write, but I couldn’t find enough inspiration. As I didn’t want to force it, I even stopped trying for a while. But then I suddenly found myself playing a new melody on the piano again, which resulted in this song called “An Evening In The Snow”. Since then, I’ve managed to write a couple of more songs for a new demo CD that I hope to finish somewhere this year.

Though we haven’t had any snow where I live this year, I am aware that many other countries are having problems with too much snow. Snow may cause a lot of problems in daily life, but there is also a beautiful side to snow. Especially in the evening, it can transform the world into a magical place. The combination of snow with light and shadows from the moon or street lamps can be incredible. While working out this song, I thought of walking in the snow in the evening.

Here is the demo version of the song An Evening In The Snow:

There is also a video accompanying this song:

I’d like to thank Frances Black for her constructive ideas regarding the arrangement of this song.

Piano samples courtesy of Matt Stedeford’s Ebony Concert Grand Piano Library, www.imperfectsamples.com
The violin and cello come from Kirk Hunter’s Spotlight Strings library and the orchestra section comes from Kirk Hunter’s Concert Strings 2 library, http://www.kirkhunterstudios.com
The other instruments come from Native Instruments Kontakt 5, http://www.native-instruments.com

The image used with this song comes from http://www.flickr.com/photos/katmere/99068552 by Kate Mereand-Sinha and has Creative Commons license.

By downloading this song, you agree to the copyright rules of this site.

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