Fighting Shadows Demo CD

Fighting Shadows

Fighting Shadows is my second demo CD. The tracks on this CD are:
1. Fighting Shadows
2. Empty Days
3. When The Sun Goes Down
4. When Dreams Fall Apart
5. In Search Of Meaning
6. Leaving To Return
7. When Angels Sleep
8. Morning Light
9. Going Out
10. Feeling Lost
11. Bruach Na Carraige Baine
12. Time To Say Goodbye

Liner Notes

Fighting Shadows
To remind us that we should not fight the conflicting thoughts within ourselves but accept that they are there.

Empty Days
This song reflects how I feel on days when Crohn’s disease flares up and I am too ill to do anything.

When The Sun Goes Down
Beautiful summer nights with delicious food, drinks and lots of music are best shared with good friends.

When Dreams Fall Apart
Life does not always go as one expect. Sometimes it changes so much that one has to completely change one’s life, letting go of dreams that you had.

In Search Of Meaning
Everyone comes to a point in life were one wonders what the meaning is of one’s life. But maybe it isn’t about the meaning itself, but about the search for it.

Leaving To Return
My mother passed away far too young. She experienced a lot of hardship in her life, but eventually found the love of her life. I wrote this song with lyrics about her telling him that she feels they will be together again someday. As I am not a singer, the track itself is instrumental.

When Angels Sleep
A soothing and relaxing song that brought images of sleeping angels to my mind.

Morning Light
A song about sunrise and the world waking up.

Going Out
When you are going out for the evening, it does not matter what you are going to do. If you are together with the one you love it will be perfect.

Feeling Lost
About those moments when you feel so out of place and you do not know what to do.

Bruach Na Carraige Baine
A traditional Irish song about unrequited love which is one of my favourite Irish songs. My first conscious recollection of this song is a duet by Mary Black and Séamus Begley. I discovered later that I already knew an instrumental version of this song by Clannad.

Time To Say Goodbye
Shakespeare already said it: “Parting is such sweet sorrow”. Though it is sad when one must leave, you can always look forward to the time when you meet each other again.

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