What Tomorrow Brings Demo CD

What Tomorrow Brings

What Tomorrow Brings is my third demo CD. The songs on this CD are:
1. An Evening In The Snow
2. The War Is Over
3. Beautiful With You
4. To The Moon
5. The Night You Said Goodbye
6. What Tomorrow Brings
7. Going Home
8. Thoughts
9. Her Majesty
10. The Yellow Bush / The Black Sisters
11. I Miss You Still
12. Vespertine

Liner Notes

An Evening In The Snow
This was the first new song that I wrote after a period of finding no inspiration to write. The melody suddenly came to me while playing the piano. Though we haven’t had any snow this year where I live, I am aware that many other countries are having problems with too much snow. Snow may cause a lot of problems in daily life, but there is also a beautiful side to snow. Especially in the evening, it can transform the world into a magical place. The combination of snow with light and shadows from the moon or street lamps can be incredible. While working out this song, I thought of a walk in the snow in the evening.

The War Is Over
This song is about a woman who finds herself alone at the end of a war. Though the war has ended, which is normally cause for rejoice, she finds it difficult to be happy. She sees a lot of men returning from the frontline and being reunited with their families. But no one will come home to her as she lost both her husband and only son in the war. This was the image in my mind while working on this song.

Beautiful With You
After listening to the song “Divertimento” by Secret Garden, I wondered if I could also write a song in baroque style. “Beautiful With You” is the result of this experiment and is dedicated to my long time partner who makes my life beautiful.

To The Moon
This song was the last song that I wrote for this demo CD. I found inspiration for this song after I had picked the photo for back of the CD (a photo of the moon). I love seeing the moon at night, reflecting the light of the sun to us. It’s phases also make it interesting as each night you see the moon a bit differently.

The Night You Said Goodbye
The imagery that the melody of this song painted in my mind was that of someone who remembers the night his lover suddenly left and who had no idea that would happen. Though he has made peace with it, the memory still makes him a bit sad.

What Tomorrow Brings
Every new day is filled with endless possibilities. It can become a happy day, a sad day, an exciting day, a boring day, a surprising day or even a totally different day. Though most of us think they know what tomorrow will bring, it’s never certain. Let’s savour the surprise of all possibilities that tomorrow can bring.

Going Home
This song reminds me of the anticipation of going home after having been away for a while. Travelling can be fun, but coming home to one’s own house, familiar surroundings and own family and friends is a great feeling.

Being able to think and reason is what differentiates us from animals. But thoughts can also be a bit of a curse, especially if you are like me: someone who thinks things over way too much. Especially when “what if” thoughts start running through my head. Although, I have learned to recognise the difference between my thoughts (which are just thoughts) and reality, sometimes it’s still a struggle to keep my thoughts from running away with me.

Her Majesty
Most of my songs use a combination of piano, violin and cello, with occasionally a couple of other instruments mixed it. With this song, I explicitly wanted to write a song with a different set of instruments, namely the combination of woodwinds and brass. The melody I had in mind seemed to be well suited for a song that builds up from small to a big ending. My partner thought the song had a kind of royal feel to it; something that could be played when a king of queen enters court; hence the title “Her Majesty”.

The Yellow Bush / The Sisters Black
As you probably know, I have a love for Irish music. On my previous demo CD, I put a traditional Irish track. For this CD, I decided to write my own Irish influenced song. As I have been told that my songs tend to be a bit sad at times, I also wanted to make this a lively track. And what is livelier than a couple of Irish jigs? The title of the first jig comes from a big yellow bush that grows in our garden and which is one of the first to bloom in spring. The second jig is named after two of my favourite Irish singers, Mary Black and Frances Black. I have not only been enjoying their music for years now, they have both also become good friends who have encouraged me to continue writing my own music.

I Miss You Still
I lost my mother a couple of years ago while she was only 58 years old. I miss her still. Family gatherings seem smaller without her. I often find myself wanting to tell her about something that happened only to realise that that is no longer possible. I am also sorry that she was never able to hear any of my music as I only discovered that I could write music about a year after she died. I think she would have loved it.

A group that inspires me a lot musically is Secret Garden. They have a variety of songs that are based on forms of classical music. This let me to investigate some of those forms of classical music myself. The first form that I investigated was the sarabande, which is a dance in triple metre with alternating emphasis on the first and second note of a bar. The sarabande originates from Central America in the 16th century. The dance was especially popular in the 16th and 17th century. When it first moved across the Atlantic to Spain it was controversial as the slow dance was deemed a bit erotic at that time. Johann Sebastian Bach later gave the sarabande a privileged place in music, even outside the context of dance suites. As I love the flow of the sarabande, I decided to use it as the base for this song. Though the original sarabande starts with an emphasis on the second note of the first bar and then the first note of the second bar (then repeating this pattern), I found that switching the order gave this song a much more interesting flow.

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